Thursday, February 10, 2011


Averie Emma Brown...aka DIVA aka Ave aka Sisserina aka Ninja aka Angel Muffin. This sweet busy ball of energy changed our lives forever SEVENTEEN months ago today. Time is FLYING! I love everything about this girl even though she gives my patience a run for its money just about every 45 minutes. I admire her thrill to try new things. I love watching her accomplish something and feel so proud of herself. I love how she nods with her ENTIRE body while mouthing words that never actually come out. She's starting to appreciate shoes, and has to wear the pair SHE wants to when leaving the house. Who can knock a girl for that? ;) Averie is VERY Particular, or at least it's starting to look that way. Her food has to be ON her tray and her drink cannot be with it until she's ready to wash her food down. She loves dolls and Elmo and her friend Dmitri. She's absolutely head over heels for her big brother, and watching her wave and blow kisses to him through the laptop while he's away melts my heart. 

The funniest thing about Averie at the moment are her faces. She can furrow her brow and get sassy at the drop of a hat. She will get all serious, let out an "ugh" and purse her lips. Heeeelarious!

The last few times we have gone to give her a bath she has FREAKED OUT while removing her diaper. Jon and I could not figure out why she was going ballistic on us. Two nights ago, I went to take of her diaper and she flipped and ran out of the bathroom screaming into her room. Come to find out, she prefers to have her diaper taken off on her changing table before her bath. Who knew? I sure as heck did not!

The Many faces of Averie are as follows...

My personal Favorite :)

We went swimming with friends today so I took the opportunity to capture Ave in her swimsuit.

I love her chubby little dorito covered hands

Homegirl has the BOMB lashes...wait till she's allowed to wear mascara!
She brings so much joy to our lives. I could not imagine life without her!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Aiden LOVES legos. It's always a topic of conversation. We have been a little hesitant to bring them into the house since Averie is still small. However, we set a few rules in place and decided it was time :)

 Jon and Aiden were playing with the plane they built. We watched that thing take off and land for quite a while! 

 Mom I am totally uncapable of smiling normal..just sayin'.
 I told Aiden that he could not smile whatsoever, no matter what...this was the result :)

Whoa Whoa Whoa

So much for my New Year's goal of blogging 2 times a week. Here we are wrapping up January and i still don't have Christmas on here! Sheesh....What is a mama to do?

In the light of my procrastination and the pure slackage that has been taking place in my blog world, I will quickly summarize our wonderful Christmas holiday in a few (ok a lot of) pictures.

When Jon proposed on Christmas eve 2 years ago, we all had homemade pizzas for dinner. We have decided to keep that tasty and new tradition alive in our family.  Below are the kids strategically placing their pepperoni.
 Ave naturally had to do a taste test. She's definitely belongs to Jon and I. :)
 Here's the muffin enjoying all her hard work :)
 Abay ate to quick to get a picture...but he's diggin his  snowman straw..
 The sleep deprived but super excited parents!
 Christmas Jammies
 Lucky the Elf brought Aiden and Averie the Rudolph Wii game..Abay is quite the wii master...
 the forced by my mom to smile by the tree picture :)
 Kids in their new PJs
 We made Hello Dollies for Santa this year...we were told that these are his favorite!
 Christmas morning the kids were up about 7:15 I think. I'm so glad that they aren't in the "I have to get up as early as humanly possible on Christmas" mode yet. The kids got right to business! Aiden was so happy he could FINALLY open all the gifts that have been catching his eye for a month. Santa brought him a Buzz Lightyear jet pack, a workbench, and a glow doodle. Averie received a little tikes Cozy Coupe (which she stayed in alllllllll day and wouldn't get out unless forced), she got a barbie 4 wheeler as well. We bought the kids so many fun gifts, and it was so much fun shopping for them. Aiden's favorite thing however was from Daddy Jonny. He received LEGOS!!!!!!! He now has a passenger plane, firetruck, boat, and helicopter to start his lego collection. Talk about a boy in heaven!

 The gifts after unwrapping. I must admit it's nice to have our house back :)
 We had our missionaries over Christmas morning for some homemade cinnamon rolls and a few gifts. They were so shocked that they had gifts to open. That made it so much more meaningful and fun. We got them some t-shirts and a flag football set. We also got them the ingredients  to make nutella marshmallow rolls. We made them one night when they came for dinner and ever since they have become famous. :)

Elder Post and Elder Davies with Aiden 

It was a wonderful, quiet, and stress free holiday for us. It was so great to be together and just "be." I hope every year is just as amazing!

Monday, December 13, 2010


One of Aiden's favorite activities is making Christmas Cookies. I don't think the time of year matters either :) I made my mom's sour cream sugar cookie recipe..which is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE most amazing sugar cookie recipe ever on the face of the Earth (in my humble opinion). Aiden did a great job of cutting out the shapes and Averie did a great job of sticking her fingers in the dough and eating whatever she could shove in her mouth. :)

I swear he's happy despite his odd look....
These kids are quite serious about their cookie cutting...

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Our sweet girl is turning FIFTEEN months this next week. Uhm...excuse me? Did you just say FIFTEEN? That can't be! I could have sworn I would be super skinny by the time she was 6 months...whoops :) Anyway, now that Ave has a little more hair in the back than she does up top, my girlfriend Sara told me about a friend of hers who has her daughter's hair in pigtails in the back and just lets the top hang loose. This got my wannabe hairdresser wheels turning in my head...would this work on my little muffin cake? Let's give it a whirl...

Here's a glimpse of the back

Success! I'm in love!

One went limp...maybe need some "product" on these babies..
Sweet sweet Piggies :)

Field Trip!

Aiden's preschool ventured out to the mac nut farm this past week. It was SUPER FUN! Averie and I rode with another mom, and joined in on the festivities. We saw a coconut demonstration, a really fun bus ride in a bus that looked like in belonged in a movie. It had busted out windows, rusty, filthy actually, but it was fun going through what Aiden called the "forest." We went on a canoe ride as well. It rained on us the whole time. Got a gorgeous picture of the mountains from the boat though! We ended the day with a trip to Mickey D's, and I'm happy to report that Aiden chose apples over french fries :) Averie slept the whole way home, and it was much needed. Homegirl needs her beauty rest!

Here's Aiden with some of the kids from his class..
Gorgeous mountains from boat
kids and I after coconut demo
Calling all villagers!
Ave scored a cookie from the ladies in the gift shop!
It was a fun day. Wish daddy Jonny could have joined us!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Life...and the pursuit of CRAZYness.... looks like our blog is needing some serious love. I've had so much fun lately stalking everyone ELSE's blog... and I've made ZERO time to write on my own. I feel like I have been so busy, but when I sit and look at what I've been doing, it really seems like a whole lotta nuttin'. Go figure. SO I have decided to "try" to make a serious commitment to be a little more ''blogworthy'' and document the going ons of our family. After all, you blink and it's all gone in an instant right?

Now where to begin? I feel like I have so much catching up to do it would take me a month just to get it all up, so I think I'm just gonna jump in where I am right at this very moment.

Lauren: I am super content and happy with life. I have so much around me that I have to be grateful for. My kids are healthy, fed, and bathed (most of the time), I'm getting busier with Endless Glow, vinyl is picking up in a big way, my house is clean most days, and I've been able to spend time with some wonderful friends. Leaving Hawaii is going to be an emotional event FOR SURE. I love my life here. It's where Jon and I started, where we brought Averie home, where I survived our first deployment together, and where I've made AMAZING friends with whom I will keep in touch with forever. Life really is good. I feel immensely blessed.

Jon: I can't really speak for JB, (although what kind of wife would I be if I didn't try) ;) but he has been flying again, and I think it's been going well. He's flying nights, so his day starts at 1:00pm and ends anywhere from 9:00pm-1:00am. He's been in TWO college chemistry courses through Oregon State University, and is prepping for the SAT...which happens to be TOMORROW! It's been a WILD and JAM PACKED couple of months. I think it's safe to say that after next week when classes end and the SAT is out of the way, we have a great excuse to celebrate!

Speaking of that, Jon was in a golf scramble today with the guys from work, and whoever won and beat the commander would get a 3 day weekend. Not only did Jon and his partner Matty WIN...Jon got his first HOLE IN ONE!!!!!!! They ended up -5 after 9 holes. I'm super proud!! He got a trophy and will be in the newspaper tomorrow.

Aiden: This little whippersnapper has been in preschool 3 days a week since October, and he is LOVING IT! I cannot believe how much he has grown and learned in just a few weeks. He's recognizing so many letter sounds, and associating them with words, among many other things. He's always singing, and is such a happy kid. He can successfully recite the Pledge of Allegiance. He says it PERFECTLY and it's so adorable. His favorite song right now is, "Rain is a good thing" by Luke Bryan, and he's really into Christmas songs right now. I think we laugh daily at the stuff that he says, and I wish I could freeze him like this and he would never get bigger. Some of the things that we've heard lately include...

1- me "Aiden, why does it take you sooooooo lonnnnngggg to go potty?" Aiden-" Because I have brain damage mom."

2- "Mom, Jesus has special powers. He was not at the temple when we went there. I wish he would just appear in my room."

3- "Kids can't see Santa in their house on Christmas, 'cuz if they do, all his magic will go away and you'll have the worst Christmas ever."

Every time he says a prayer, he prays that Averie and Daddy Jonny will "get better from their sickness." They haven't been sick in weeks...but I guess a little extra praying might prevent more? :)

Averie: Oh miss Ave. Her personality is unreal. I have one word for it. D.I.V.A. She has got to be the funniest baby in the world. Sometimes I wish I could freeze her too. She's so freaking smart and sneaky she has been named the "ninja." You can take something out of her hand and then IMMEDIATELY something else appears. I have ever seen anything like it. She loves being elevated. So we find her standing on anything and everything she can to gain a couple inches. She figured out how to use her car as a step stool, so she can get on the sofa now. That lasted about twice, now she doesn't even need the help. She's figured out how to get on the kitchen chairs as well. Just tonight she ended up in Aiden's lap while he was finishing dinner. Oy. When asked if she's hungry, she will nod "yes" with her WHOLE BODY and run to her high chair to be buckled in. But you absolutely no way whatsoEVER slide her tray on without putting on her Elmo bib FIRST. Good gravy. The same goes with napping/bathtime/bedtime. You ask if she wants to do it, you get the body nod of approval and she darts to the gate at the bottom of the stairs and starts to wave and say "bye bye" to everyone who is within earshot. Like I said. Smart. Opinionated. Sassy. Whoa are Jon and I in for it. She's something else I tell ya. I couldn't imagine our life without her. She brings so much fun, silliness, innocence, curiosity, and just all around JOY to all who meet her. We are lucky to call her our own.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. We've been getting excited for Christmas! The kids got an Elf on the Shelf on Thanksgiving night, and named him Lucky Twinkletoes. He's been doing a great job scouting for Santa, and for the most part has had good things to report. Our Christmas shopping is finished, minus a few odds and ends, and we made our first round of sugar cookies tonight, which will be decorated VERY soon!

I'm going to see if I can scrounge up some pictures and post them below...

Our tree (horrible pic) It's cute I promise!
Brotherly Love.
Aiden at school holding the flag for the Pledge
Afternoon walk...complete with accessories!
Surprise from Santa!